Tidying Services

Your home should be your place of peace.  And the reality is that daily life often leads to clutter and stress.  Setting up customized systems can help you manage and thrive in your daily life.

Joy & Order LLC offers a little or a lot of help to get your home or office looking and functioning the way you imagine it could be.  I am passionate about creating practical, yet stunning, organizational systems to transform your space and your soul.  I would be honored to help you streamline and simplify.  

My philosophy is about focusing on what belongings you keep, rather than what you part with.  The approach is simple and effective.  I facilitate realistic, customized tidying plans to guide you through every step of this life-changing Tidying Journey.  I take care of all the detailed coordination and offer an extra set of hands to ensure it gets done well.

The Tidying Journey is a one-time event in your life.  It works because it transforms people, rather than just spaces.  People experience life-changing effects after completing the Tidying Journey, including changed careers, healthier relationships, debt reduction, increased savings accounts, lower anxiety, new or renewed interest in hobbies and many other drastic changes because of how light and joyful they feel.  It’s not too late to transition into JOY!

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