Frequently Asked Questions

The KonMari Method® entails going through each belonging, in a designated order, to identify how much joy or purpose it brings to your life.  Together, we will tidy in 3-to-5-hour Tidying Lessons.  This will be done by category vs. location, beginning with clothing and ending with sentimental items.  Through this process, we will discard any items that no longer bring you joy or serve a purpose.  Then we will give them a proper place in your space. We will create customized systems for maintaining results.

We schedule a complimentary, virtual Consultation.  This Consultation comes with no obligation but will serve as a time for us to discover if and how I can aid you in reaching your tidying goals.  Please email pictures of your space to before the Consultation.

Providing pictures of your space allows the most thorough estimate of timing and which package will best fit your needs.  

The KonMari Method® is for individuals ready to actively change their life and create new habits.  Through this method you will confront your belongings and identify if they add value to your life.  This process is transformative as it is renewing your thoughts and habits to center around what you value and what ignites joy within you.  

Traditional home organization centers around objects, not the head and heart.  This method entails someone else tidying your space for you.  While this method is far less work and is quicker, it typically does not last, because the same habits that had you calling for help still exist.  It is like putting a beautiful Band-Aid over a wound, instead of healing it from the inside out.

During each Tidying Lesson, we will concentrate on a category and its sub-categories.  I will provide a lesson plan with guidelines, checklists, and motivating references.  We will gather, sort, and discover which belongings ignite joy for you.  Those belongings will be given a proper place.  You will do the transformational work while I work alongside to guide and support you. And just like those childhood days, you can expect to be given homework to complete after each Tidying Lesson. Don’t worry though, this is the kind of homework that leaves you feeling satisfied and accomplished at the end!

This is up to you and the members living under your roof.  I offer packages that will guide members of the same household through their individual tidying journeys simultaneously.  Just remember, each tidying journey is unique to the individual and focused on introspection and growth for that person alone.  Family members may participate in the lesson guide and checklist for each category with you but will tidy only their own belongings separately.  

Allow yourself the space to be vulnerable by arranging proper childcare and/or pet care.  

The KonMari Method® is designed to move through the five categories (clothing, books, papers, komono, and sentimental) in specific order for a reason: you start with the least difficult and progress to the most difficult.  Each step in the process sharpens your skills and ability to identify value.  We will begin with the Clothing category to set you up for success!

The KonMari Method® works because it transforms people, rather than just spaces.  Transformation only happens if you are the one touching, sorting, and joy-checking your items. This method is about confronting yourself and self-discovery.  I will guide you through each step and offer hands-on support while you gather, sort, and store your valued belongings. 

No. I can provide resources, but this is an important step in your journey. The physical act of removing the weight of your belongings is part of the transformation.

A lot of people find this helpful, but no.  I will provide resources on the principles in our Tidying Lessons.  If you want an idea of what to expect, I recommend you watch an episode of the show “Tidy Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix.

All Consultations and Tidying Lessons are scheduled through Calendly.  It is best to schedule Tidying Lessons at the same time and on the same day each week for accountability.

Absolutely! I offer a complimentary, virtual Consultation to ensure that we are the best match for you to be successful.  Contact Joy & Order LLC!  

Full payment must be submitted prior to the start of our first Tidying Lesson.  Payment is accepted via Square® or cash.

We will schedule our Tidying Lessons together in 3-5 hour blocks of time. Please be sure to plan additional time in your schedule for after the scheduled Tidying Lesson ends.  This will create space in the event that we run over our Lesson time.  Also, a lot of people need rest or more time to finish the category.  

No, refunds will not be issued for unused hours as Tidying Lessons often run over their allotted time.  

Clients are responsible to notify Joy & Order LLC of a cancellation 48-hours before the start of the scheduled Tidying Lesson. If less than 48-hour notice is provided, Joy & Order LLC may charge a $50.00 cancellation fee.  To cancel or change a Tidying Lesson, follow the text or email link you received when scheduling.