I’m Taylor Watermolen, KonMari® Consultant.  For me, order comes naturally.  As a child, I would arrange, sort, and organize my toys instead of “playing” with them.  I spent over ten years pursuing my passion of working with dogs and helping dog care companies develop, organize, and systemize their programs.  

My husband, Zac and I are proud parents of an amazing son and three friendly dogs.  We found ourselves being pulled in too many directions, leaving little time for what makes us happiest, our quality time as a family.  In our search, after trying other things, we discovered the KonMari Method®, founded by the tidying guru Marie Kondo.  We fell in love with how the method focuses on value.  We decided to commit ourselves to a Tidying Journey.

Our Tidying Journey exposed areas of stress, growth, pain, weight, and joy.  It was emotional to confront and healing to address.  Completing the journey healed us as individuals and as a family.  It changed every area of our life.  We paid off our debt, downsized, made a career change, changed spending habits, automated repetitive tasks, simplified, and set up systems to maintain our new ideal lifestyle. 

I’m a homeschooling mother, pawrent, wife, small-business owner, etc. Addressing the physical clutter freed me from the emotional weight I had lived with for so long. It replaced guilt with peace, pursing what adds value to my life. Now we get a lot more family time, I have time to read, we are involved in our faith community, and I get to geek out about dogs! It brings me great honor to share what I have gained from my experience and serve other people. I feel so fortunate to have found my joy. I look forward to helping people unveil their joy through their own Tidying Journey.